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Sea Base High Adventure Overview

  • What is Sea Base High Adventure? Sea Base is a unique Scouting program that offers aquatics programs found nowhere else. Whether your interests lie in sailing, scuba diving, rustic camping on an undeveloped barrier island, fishing or a combination of all, this is the place for your Troop, Team, Crew, Sea Ship or Explorer Post. Sea Base serves around 16,000 participants annually.
  • What Program is T1334 Selecting? Out Island Adventure. Paddle 5 miles out and live on a barrier island to camp, snorkel, fish, and explore. [SEE ATTATCHED PRESENTATION SLIDE BRIEFING]
  • Along with your assigned island mate, your crew will paddle a Polynesian war canoe more than five miles to a primitive barrier island located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for an epic high adventure experience.
  • Upon arrival at Big Munson Island, your unit will camp under a canopy of gumbo limbo trees, mangroves, and lush vegetation. Endangered Key Deer will pass through your campsite along with hermit crabs and vaca coons. Each day will be action packed. From Big Munson Island your crew will ocean kayak, board a large vessel to access the Florida Barrier Reef to snorkel, board a Sea Base vessel for a fishing excursion, shark fish, paddle to Munson Rocks for a night snorkel, and explore the largest wilderness on Earth. The ocean. Crews seeking a unique primitive camping experience and a one of a kind adventure should look no further than The Out Island Adventure.
  • Day One: Arrival Day: Check in, swim and snorkel review, opening shindig.
  • Day Two: Transition day: You will spend the morning loading gear, food, and personal items. After lunch, you will begin the paddle to Big Munson Island.
  • Day Three: Island Day: You will spend all day exploring the island, shark fishing from docks, kayaking and much more.
  • Day Four: Fishing Day: A fishing boat will pick you up after breakfast and you spend all day out on the water.
  • Day Five: Snorkel Day: A boat will come to Big Munson Island and pick you up for a half day snorkel trip. The other half of the day is spent completing a S.C.E.N.E. project.
  • Day Six: Transition Day: After breakfast and camp clean up, you will paddle back to base. That night is your Conch Luau, filled with games and a festive dinner, followed by closing ceremony.
  • Day Seven: Departure.
  • What Will it Cost?
  • $7,800 per crew (crew size 6-8). $1,138 to $1,300 per person, depending on crew size.
  • PLUS airfare – to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • PLUS ground transportation – crew van rental.
  • PLUS hotel – 2 nights during travel to Sea Base and return.
  • PLUS in-transit and misc. expenses – meals, group tourism, souvenirs and mementos.
  • Can I go to Summer Camp and Sea Base? Yes! Troop 1344 is returning to Camp Rodney (the same camp program in North East, MD, as June 2021) to be completed prior to the start of Sea Base, with summer camp reservations for Week 1, June 19-25, 2022. Summer camp participants will return home after camp, have 9 days to rest and enjoy the 4th of July weekend, and fly to Florida on July 5 (or July 6) for the primary Sea Base date option. All other Sea Base date options are later.



  • Crew Rosters completed 90 days prior to arrival
  • All participants must be 13 years of age or older
  • All adult leaders must be registered with the BSA
  • All adult leaders must complete the following adult leader trainings: BSA Safe Swim Defense, BSA Safety Afloat, BSA Hazardous Weather, BSA Youth Protection. Please provide copies of certificates upon arrival. T1344 will arrange for training prior to Sea Base.
  • At least one adult leader per crew must have Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED certifications. Please provide copies of certifications upon arrival. T1344 will arrange for training prior to Sea Base.
  • All participants must pass the BSA Swim Test prior to arrival as a Swimmer, evidenced by the Unit Swim Classification Record. All participants must complete the Sea Base Swim Review upon arrival (100 yard swim). Non-swimmers will be sent home at their own expense.
  • All participants must not exceed weight requirements for their height. [SEE ATTATCHED PRESENTATION SLIDE BRIEFING]



1. Training Activities | See Website Calendar Entry of Each Activity for Details.

  • ACTION COMPLETED || TROOP 1344 SWIMMING EVALUATION || SUCCESSFUL EVALUATION COMPLETES REQUIREMENT 1 (SEE BELOW). Planning is underway for every crew member — adult and scout — to undergo a Troop 1344 swimming evaluation. The purpose is to determine the swimming level of each crew member in order to pass the two swimming requirements described on the next two points below. That evaluation will help us determine what additional swim training each crew member needs in order to pass the two swimming requirements. Those who successfully pass the evaluation will be considered complete for requirement 1 (passing BSA Swim Test, see below).
  • Thu, September 23, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (CLICK CALENDAR LINK)
  • ACTION COMPLETED || REQUIREMENT 1 || BSA SWIM TEST PRIOR TO SEA BASE. Sea Base requires every crew member — adult and scout — to have passed the BSA Swim Test at ‘Swimmer’ level within 12 months of going to Sea Base. DETAILS: (CLICK BSA SWIM TEST DESCRIPTION LINK)
  • ACTION COMPLETED || REQUIREMENT 2 || SWIM REVIEW AT SEA BASE. Additionally, every crew member must pass a swim review on the first day at Sea Base, which is very similar to the BSA Swim Test ‘Swimmer’ level described above.

2. Training Links.

  • TBD

3. Physicals.

  • ACTION COMPLETED || JUNE 6, 2022. Bring completed medical exams to the final Troop Meeting before Sea Base on June 6.
  • The BSA Annual Health & Medical Record (Sea Base High Adventure version) is mandatory of all youth and adult participants. (attached)

4. Payments.

  • PROGRAM COST. $8,400 per crew (crew size 6-8). $1,050 per person for 8 person crew.
  • IN-TRANSIT EXPENSES: average $800 – $900 per participant
    • airfare to Miami (FL) and return || ground transportation
    • lodging the night before and the night after the expedition window
    • meals || miscellaneous group activities
  • PERSONAL SPENDING CASH: $200 + $100 optional (expensive souvenirs)
  • ACTION COMPLETED || August 30, 2021. Deposit $50 per participant ($250 per crew, non-refundable). COMPLETE (MINUS 2). Sea Base paid $7,800 (8/26/21 for Crew #1) and $15,600 (9/1/2021 for Crew #2 and Crew #3).
  • ACTION COMPLETED || September 22, 2021. ~10% of total ($755 per crew). COMPLETE (MINUS 2)
  • Crew #1 = $75.63 per participant
  • Pay PayPal Link Here:
  • Crew #2 / #3 = $105.24 per participant
  • Pay PayPal Link Here:
  • Alternate Payment Option || Scout Accounts from Mulch Spreading Fundraiser. Each Scout that has participated in past fundraisers earns money placed in individual Scouts accounts, which can be used toward fees for camping, summer camp, and the annual Troop fee.
  • ACTION COMPLETED || October 29, 2021. ~45% of total ($3,397.50 per crew).
  • Crew #1 = $424.68 per participant
  • Crew #2 / #3 = $485.35 per participant
  • ACTION COMPLETED || December 27, 2021. Remaining total ($3,397.50 per crew).
  • Crew A (formerly Crew#1) = $424.68 per participant
  • ACTION COMPLETED || March 25, 2022. Remaining Balances for Crew B/C DUE
  • With 3 full crews – 8 individuals per crew – the total SeaBase Fee + COVID surcharge – comes to $1,025/participant
  • Crew B/C (formerly #2 / #3) remaining balances are as follows:
    • The original 14 owe 384.41/person remaining balance
    • The X brothers added later to the Crews so owe $1,025 each (total of $2,050)
  • Airfare to Miami (FL) and Return. $300
  • In-Transit Ground Transportation (Rental Van). $250
  • In-Transit Lodging. $100
  • In-Transit Meals. $200
  • In-Transit Miscellaneous Group Activities. $50
  • Personal Spending Cash. $200 + $100 optional (expensive souvenirs)
  • Misc. EXPENSES
  • Official Shirts: $26/each, payable to Tanya

5. Travel.

  • Fly to Miami (FL) || Drive to Key West (FL).
  • Return Drive to Miami (FL) || Fly to Washington (DC).




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